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Victorian Greenhouse by Midnight to 6 Paint by Numbers Deluxe

Victorian Greenhouse by Midnight to 6 Paint by Numbers Deluxe

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 Unleash your inner artist and do not shy away from showcasing your artistic talent to the world! This original eye-catching Victorian Greenhouse by @midnight_to_6 was turned into a paint-by-number kit.

Our kits includes a set of 5 premium brushes, pots of acrylic paint with the appropriate colors with corresponding numbers, and a 16x20 inch canvas with the appropriate artwork to be painted. Also to make your craft easy and more joyful we have added a small printed finished picture to guide and inspire your painting. 

 Enjoy and have fun with ease as each of the areas is numbered so that you can match the paint with the number. Just start at the number of your choice and just go with the flow. Do not forget to layer the paint for that additional little bit of depth in your art piece.

    Based in London, Midnight to 6 is a fusion of illustration, artwork and design inspired by travel, wildlife and culture. Specializing in hand painted artwork, print design, bespoke stationery, commission paintings & fashion all designed here in our London studio. We hope our whimsical style inspires a sense of wonder, imagination and adds a touch of magic to your world.

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