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Celebrity Inspired Candles

Celebrity Inspired Candles

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 - Hand poured in Dallas, Texas

- Coconut + soy wax

- 100% cotton wick

- Phthalate free fragrance

- 40 hour burn time

- Vegan + cruelty-free

Candle care: - Always trim your wick to 1/8 inch - For optimal performance, burn your candle for 3-4 hours the first time your burn it - Never burn a candle unattended. Do not burn on or near anything flammable - Never burn your candle for longer than 4 hours without trimming the wick

🌟 This collection is inspired by each respective icon. We make no claims of affiliation or endorsement with or by any icon/artist. This product is simply inspired by each icon. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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